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End of an era in the WWE

By Editor States Times - Mon Apr 30, 11:03 am

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

It was perhaps the most amazing match in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Triple H squared off against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28 in Hell in a Cell. This was the second time Triple H was going against The Phenom to end the latter’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. The last time both superstars faced each other was at Wrestlemania 27 in 2011, where The Undertaker won the fight after Triple H gave all that he could. Triple H, who assumed responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer of the WWE earlier this year, was double minded at entering into the ring but was compelled by The Undertaker to do so. Triple H had earlier mentioned that this will be the ‘End of an Era’ as both Triple H and The Undertaker are the most decorated superstars in the WWE today. They have been in this business for over two decades and have fought countless matches against each other.

At Wrestlemania 28, however, the stakes were even higher. Not only was Triple H facing The Undertaker for the second consecutive time at Wrestlemania, but the special guest referee was Shawn Michaels, Triple H’s long-time partner. Michaels fought The Undertaker in two consecutive Wrestlemania events, Wrestlemania 25 and 26 respectively. But at both occasions, the Show Stopper could not bring The Undertaker’s undefeated streak to a halt. Triple H vowed to do what no other man in WWE history could ever accomplish. But with that said, Triple H also hinted that this match will be the ‘End of an Era’ in the WWE. It is interesting to note that The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are the only two WWE Superstars who competed in the very first episode of WWE Raw on January 11, 1993 and are still part of the WWE roaster.

Triple H and The Undertaker’s match at Wrestlemania 28 was pure aggression. Both competitors have ample experience of fighting inside a steel structure and at Wrestlemania 28, they used every experience for their advantage. For the entire length of the match, the spectators were at the edge of their seats. Both superstars gave their signature moves but neither of them was willing to give up. In retaliation, Shawn Michaels also made his presence felt by giving his Sweet Chin Music to The Undertaker followed by a Pedigree by Triple H, but The Dead Man raised his hand in defiance and the match went on.

Being a no disqualification match as it was a Hell in a Cell, both superstars viscously attacked each other with steel chairs. In the end, when Triple H was about to attack with his signature weapon, the sledgehammer, The Undertaker proved once again why he is The Phenom in the WWE. With Triple H tired and rusty after a brawl of epic proportions, The Undertaker lifted Triple H and delivered The Tombstone for the three count. The Undertaker successfully retained his Wrestlemania streak and made it 20-0. Emotions erupted after the match when Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker lifted Triple H in their arms and went out of the ring. All three legends hugged each other in a show of respect for each other and in a show of respect for their careers.

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