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Gulf between Right & Left Occupied by Corrupt

By Muneeb Imran Pakistan is going through a transitional stage where there are issues deep rooted and have not been resolved for long period, yet there are many positives surfacing in Pakistan just like any other country that undergoes an evolutionary process. Leadership is of paramount significance which can harness ...

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The dinosaurs among us

by Sarah Mahrukh “Stop crying, hold my hand and we will move on, you have that thing you” for a moment the thought of someone being considerate enough to me was heavenly but then I realised that this was only a slight mania left in me otherwise after being rejected and dejected repeatedly made it harder for my swollen inner soul to completely relax .The ability of my mind to think in a positive direction was lost somewhere. Instead of relaxing me the thought of someone wanting me to hold back my tears pinched and provoked me so hard that my body kept shivering. Why did we all grew up so simple-minded and dull-witted that we except sympathy and concern in a world where instead of sharing and caring people gun down people for money , for being different or for power. Even I grew up as a teenager with same thought of dying everyday, we had our breakfast while hearing a blast, we woke up with a sound a blast, every time we sat back with books to study there was always a terror of hearing a dreadful blast. Which even continued when we got back in beds but were we alive with the thought of living for just another day? And yes we were! I always wondered out of panic how could we step ahead and put an end to the inflating killings as I was aware of the fact that continuation of it can only bring huge and unrecoverable disasters. The fear of loosing my dearly loved ones hampered me from taking a step against such elements .Now that I realise that instead of crying over the dead bodies, we should stand unified against the miscreants, kill the dinosaurs alive in them and end the countless dreadful nights and days which are otherwise are awaiting

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We and our Sovereignty

Sovereignty is the ability of having ultimate autonomous authority over a geographic area. By books sovereignty is only limited to geographic area whereas in my view it is quiet vast and covers all national and international sectors and areas. From education to governance, from media to judiciary, from economy to ...

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Shameful Act of lana Dayan Israeli so called journalist

lana Dayan, 47, a Jewish journalist in her recent interview to Israeli newspaper Haaretz disclosed that she filmed Osama Bin Laden’s compound for a TV channel from inside, “dodging the security organizations in Pakistan”. During her sojourn she also claimed to have cleverly benefited from the most common weakness of Pakistanis- the beauty and money, for making her task easy. Ms Dayan conceded that Israelis are expert at using fake foreign passports for visiting Muslim countries having no diplomatic ties with Israel, and she visited Pakistan and the garrisoned Abbottabad city on fake travel documents, pretending to be a Spanish Argentinean law expert. Some reports, yet to be denied or confirmed, also accused her of being an undercover agent of Mossad. I don’t know how common it is for “spies” to pretend as journalist, and I wish what Ilana did is exception not the rule to be followed in future. But her visiting Pakistan disguising as a legal practitioner has, I am sure, aroused ire of the journalists from across the globe especially Pakistan. Because such adventurism has exposed the genuine media persons especially those of locals offering their services to international media organizations, to umpteen difficulties. They would be now certainly facing undue questioning, frisking and harassing by spy agencies nevertheless how noble cause they are working with. It also developed a trust deficit between law enforcing and journalist community, thus endangering the safety of all those media men busy in covering inter and intra state conflicts or war against terror. The local journalists however refused to agree with the contents of Ms Dayan’s interview calling it an undisciplined adventurism devoid of truth and objectivity. They believe that what she did “impersonating” as legal expert, has damaging effects on the profession of investigative reporting as applying surreptitious methods for gathering information contravenes the ethics of journalism even though she is a journalist. Mohammad Zubair khan

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And How the Relations Break(Story of a Passionate Lover)

eAfter all I am A Person Chasing his Dreams,having Hurdles on the Way..But Believe is''Dreams do come true,never Stop Catching them Up''. Have written for Statetimes already. Blog Title:And How the Relations Break(Story of a Passionate Lover) ''No I can't listen any word now neither I need to,Everything is finished,I just want to erase every thought and wound from my Hear and mind".

His Voice was trembling, had tears in Eyes and suddenly dropped the Call.These were not dialogues of any emotive Movie but Feelings of a Lover who I was talking to.

Yesterday Evening on my way Back to home after Jogging I thought to call my Friend and ask about happenings back-town.As I dialled his number strangely his Mom Picked up the Call and asked who's speaking,I was amazed but asked them to give phone to him.It was after Long time I called him,couldn't get time cause of busyness in Studies and other affairs,by the way friends remain same even after years or Months we remember them.After formal ''Salam Dua''I questioned about what keeps you busy nowadays..Reply wasn't less shocking when I listened a Nurse on that side saying, its injection time.He put the call on Hold and I thought he might have unwellness or formal disease,after a minute when He continued I asked are you in Hospital?what happened to you?

His tone was quite Sad and disappointed.I got anxious and asked again the same.After all He's one from my Precious friends I'd ever,we spent 8 years in School and were much close to each other.He couldn't hide anything and after some words of Courage he started telling me whatever he gone through from.

"She came two years ago in my life,we're friends at initial time but as time was passing we were coming close to each other and Soon that Friendship turned into Love.We started sharing every moment with each other.Day by day Roots of our Relation were Strengthening. After one year we decided to tell our Parents about our Relation,I was only Son that's why it didn't took much time to take my Family on Point.My parents went their home with proposal of Marriage,Our Families agreed and after a month we tied in engagement.We started going out on Picnic and enjoyed moments together We were in-touch every minute through Mobile and Facebook,These were glorious moments I've ever had in my Life,but I didn't know I'll have to pay a Huge Price of it.Then..!!

He stopped,took a deep Breath and continued again,Some Moths back I saw a guy in profile of my Lover(Likely to be my wife)He used to comment on Her Pics,status updates and and liked what she posted.I didn't notice as usual. One day,when she was with me and I had her cell in my hand,a text came with words of 'Lovely' 'Sweet' and 'dear' and also some more sentences.It was shocking for me,I noticed the number and tried to trace by different means.after some days a situation occurred on me like I had Burden of 7 Mountains on my Shoulders when I came to know that this number was related to that guy who I overlooked as usual. I had her Password and as I logged into her account I was dread to see messages of my Lover with a stranger.She sent him her Personal pics and told him much about herself.

I was weeping,outrageously crying and couldn't remain in senses,I didn't need any support that time.I called her and said her just to get lost from my life and never come back..I committed my Life for Her,lived the way she desired for,accepted her every word by Heart did my Best what a Lover could do for His love and what She did?My Question was only WHY?was there any Lack in my Love,why She?LOVE is name of Trust and Believe but why She Broke both on which our Relation was Establish I had no choice but to finish myself I couldn't control myself and cut my wrist.after that I don't know how my Parent took me in Hospital and saved me He cried and cut the call."

I was walking along the Road silently,everything around me was moving like Clouds,no noise only silence,I was imagining the condition of a Guy my dearest Friend who Lost his everything in Love and was on Stage between Life and Death. This was the story of A Lover,which forced me to write.Everyday we come across stories like this but we Learn what?I think nothing,system of our society is going as it was.Nobody is giving his contribution to change something which could save anyone from situation like this.

Now Question which arises in every mind,Is this ''Love''?which people talk about a lot,Poets write too much about it and everybody must have at-least once in his Life. According to my research and Poor knowledge which I collected from my bit experience there are Three types of Lover roaming in our Society.

First are those who have some seriousness towards any Relation but don't have any and willing to let someone enter in their life.they spend much their time without someone.But when anybody enters in their life they start giving him/her much of their time and try to make strong their Relation.They believe in their fellows and want same from those.their Relation is based on Trust and Understanding Once they loose any of these they do what my friend did mentioned up...Sometimes they have to give up for some serious reasons and couldn't carry that Relation.

Second who are non serious with having a relation around their.they Build relations on basis of Fun and enjoyment.Someone as come in their Life they start saying I Love you,you are most precious for me and many other formal sentences to impress their Fellows.this way their Relation passes with time and when it comes to an end it doesn't affect on them much.

Third one is much deliberated kind of Lovers,these should not get any encourage in Society but unfortunately this type is Prevailing with fastness in our society.These people make Relations with a aim and after getting their Goals they leave that person and Spoils his/her Life.These type of Persons are a shit on society,they make place in other's Heart and when they got it they Leave that person madly for them.its their daily Job and they don't feel any shame in doing this.

Our Youth is going on wrong way,we need a Better way,someone who could lead them in a good way.We are in Modern era and have a mind to think and a Heart to understand the Feelings.So we should Lead ourselves in Better way not in worst track whose ending could be Dangerous for us and Our Families related to us..!!

By Mian Zeshan Arif.

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Influence of Media on youth

Pakistan is one of those developing countries which are suffering from western culture due to foreign and private channels on satellite or cable network. With emergence of these channels, the whole media industry has been commercialized. It gains popularity as time passed. Our social values are changing slowly and steadily. The results of surveys prove that due to increase and explosive growth of cable & satellite transmissions, affects the youth of Pakistan especially by changing their thoughts, minds, beliefs, cultural values and daily life style.

States TimesMoreover these are changing eating habits and dinning culture, now people started liking the western food due to the advertisements and demonstrations on channels. People like hostelling at expensive food points instead of eating at home. It is our common observation that, increase in the number of channels, has taken over the practice of reading. Hence affect the reading culture, which passively stunts the human capabilities. Our youth become weight conscious as well as having perfect body shape due to media influence.Indian culture, are getting popularity due to cable television transmission which promote the modern way of life. We observe unlimited glamour in dramas which playing an important role in putting the people in psychological conflicts. These channels are extinction the shyness among viewers, more boldness, blunt attitude has been prevailing in society, promoting more liberalism and modernism in Pakistani society and youth. Viewers felt a change in their outlook towards life and became more broad-minded. It is general observation that people follow the celebrities shown in media. They start idealizing and seem them as role models. Fashion and style introduced through celebrities is considered as latest and advanced in our society.

Social interaction is a part of Pakistan’s culture. Families in Pakistan welcomed people at their homes, arrange gatherings, meet frequently with their friends, family, neighbors and relatives to interact, spend leisure time, share their feelings, emotions and family matters with each other. Proud nations take pride in promoting and expanding their language. Cable channels are affecting the language of Pakistani people, now people feel proud when they speak English and those who cannot speak English frequently try to incorporate English words in their regional and Urdu language to leave good impression on others. Traditions play an important part in every culture as well as formation of cultural identification. Impact of foreign traditions that are being introduced through media has great influence on our religious traditions. Majority of the people admitted that they follow Hindu traditions in marriages, start celebrating Valentine’s Day, Holly, Halloween and Bonfire aligned with Pakistani norms and traditions. Our media try erosion of Pakistani culture and introducing Indian and western culture in the country. Traditionally, Pakistan has a culture for arrange marriages. Mostly parents or relatives select life partner for their children. Today, due to media influence, culture of love marriages get popular, now children select their life partners by their own choice. As a result, many of marriages cant successful. Marriage ceremonies which showing on today’s media especially in dramas are not in accordance with our Islamic traditions. They are influence by Indian culture by showing attractive marriage traditions, expensive dresses, jewellery, stage decoration, plying Indian songs and dances during the marriage ceremony. We all agreed that marriage functions in high class are following the same patterns shown in dramas, where as Islam teaches simplicity. So it is a time to think that where we stand?

Our media is exhibiting foreign and Indian films without any substantial censorship policy. Many Pakistani private channels are telecasting foreign and Indian films, festivals & shows. Now our channels start producing and arranging such musical and dance shows by following their footsteps in which boys and girls dance together and wearing nude dresses.

In Pakistan, our drama industry made sudden impact on minds of peoples. Our Pakistani drama channels such as Indus Vision, ARY digital, Hum TV and Geo entertainment etc, are highly influenced by Indian and western channels and trying to compete with these channels to serve as the trendsetter for our society. They are losing its cultural identity by show off, glamour, romance etc. The Indian dramas & films have frequent and intensive negative impact on our social, cultural, religious beliefs and values of Pakistani youth. We all are accepting it. The effects are clearly visible on lifestyles, food, dressing, language, traditional celebrations and religion. When we look around us, find fashion every where, girls or boys wearing fashionable clothes, sitting together, fully makeup, stylish hair cuts etc. Teenagers fond of burgers, coke and hostelling. Thus, we can say that media is mow introducing new trends, behaviors, attitudes and standards for a modern life which greatly affected the society. When the viewers observe that our media is absorbing the change whether it is in the form of dresses, language or other cultural values such as male actors hugging and handshaking with female actresses then the viewers are easily persuaded to adopt these changes or at least they become mentally liberal which is an initial step towards change. Most of us having opinion that ostentation & lavish life style presented in soaps & dramas are dragging them away from austerity & contented life style and invoking with in them status consciousness by engraving the race of materialism in their minds.

I request media representatives to take appropriate measures to handle this worst situation and make media policy followed by all channels. Our youth is an asset and future of ours so we pay special attention on youth. To minimize and resist the effects of foreign channels, it is suggested that our channels should be strengthened and telecast programs with better content. Our channels should produce and broadcast quality programs that could help in the promotion of Pakistani values and traditions and improve the image of Pakistan at international level.

Sarah Ehsan

States Times (

(We regard your opinions and encourage you to contribute with your articles/ blogs. You can post your articles/ Stories/ Columns/ PRs to [email protected] The views expressed by authors or media organisations, do not necessarily reflect our views. We aim to present a wide spectrum of opinion and analysis.)

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Imran Khan’s Tsunami Strikes Quetta

Today, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf's (PTI) political rally took place in Ayub Stadium Quetta. Imran khan coined the name Tsunami for huge number of people turning up in his rallies. This time PTI Tsunami struck the violence wrecked Quetta. PTI supporters are calling it a huge success and change for status-Quo in Balochistan. Imran Khan, as usual made an emotional speech and criticized his political opponents and raised the slogans of change. This was a political activity in Quetta, after a long long time due to the prevailing security situation. The main aim of this rally other than political point scoring was to bring Balochistan in mainstream politics of Pakistan. Now, was it a success, its too early to give a verdict but In my opinion it was successful musical, political show that failed to achieve its objectives.

Imran khan was holding this rally to show the world that he enjoys support of people of Balochistan. He also wanted to display the support of public required to solve the problem of Balochistan. Balochistan conflict is Baloch specific. Baloch natives are against the state and they are the ones facing the wrath of the security establishment. Pashtuns, the second biggest community in Balochistan, are not part of this conflict. This rally comprised predominantly of Pastuns and no presence of any Baloch whatsoever. So, by not having support of Baloch how can Imran khan be different from current rulers of the country. Zardari and Nawaz also talk about reconciliation with Baloch insurgents but they don't have public support just like Imran Khan. This rally completely failed to prove this point that PTI has any influence in Baloch population.

In his speech, Imran Khan talked about corruption and backwardness in Balochistan but he did not speak about the security situation which is a mess. He talked about missing persons in general and not specifically mentioned thousands of Baloch missing persons. He also did not brought a word out of his mouth about the Kill and dump of Baloch by unknown angels. All these things went on to prove a point that on Balochistan issue he is echoing the voice of establishment. Now, establishment is responsible for all wrong things happening in Balochistan, how can Imran khan bring any change by not opposing establishment? Even Nawaz Sharif has taken a stand against establishment on the issue of Balochistan, although that is limited to making statements only for gaining political mileage.

Lets discuss few other things from speech of Imran Khan. He said that when he will come in power, I don't think he can so easily, He will bulldoze the walls of governor houses in entire Pakistan and convert them into educational institutes. I very humble classify it as an overstatement. Any rational person can imagine that this is never going to happen. Imran was just making a political statement by gauging the mood of oppressed masses listening to his speech. PML-N, after taking power in punjab in 2008 made somewhat a similar statement. A new CM office biult by ex-CM Pervez Elhai was classified as waste of money and PML-N declared to convert new office into a university. Till today, this promise was not made good. Now they claim that its not possible due to security reasons as a Public university in higly sensitive area can't be safe. They couldn't think this point while making this announcement? Of course they could, but this is how things are managed in dirty game of politics. If Imran khan ever came in power, He will also make a similar excuse for this challenging claim that he has made. So, in short, this was an emotional,irrational, public demanded claim made by Imran during the rally to get more applauses and slogans in his favour.

States TimesThe current security turmoil in Balochistan has apparently made it impossible for any party to carry out political rallies at larger scale. Sectarian killings on daily bases, which are followed by violent protests and strikes and security check posts at every corner have created an atmosphere of fear. This atmosphere is not suitable for any political activity, despite that PTI arguably did a successful political show taday, how? Its very simple, by effective support of state apparatus and most notably para-miliatry force of FC (Frontier Corp). FC provided intense security to entire setup of PTI which includes protection of convoys of people to the venue of rally. There is nothing wrong with that so far, FC is paid for providing security. The problem arises when citizens of Quetta saw FC personnel installing and fixing billboards and banners advertising PTI rally. This is evidence of the collaboration of the establishment with PTI in order to make this rally even possible. This proves two things, Establishment is backing PTI and PTI does not have popular support at large scale as they tried to exhibit in their rally. This means their show of strength is artificial and therefore useless to solve the complex and dire problems in Balochistan.

Imran Khan's sudden surge in the political scenario in Pakistan has surprised many political pundits. there are allegations that establishment and specifically ex- chief of ISI, General pasha strongly supported Imran Khan. Despite all that no one can deny the popularity that Imran enjoys in Urban Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhaw. That popularity does not guarantee instant political success due to complex dynamics and norms of Pakistani politics. One thing is certain, he has no support whatsoever in Baloch belt of Balochistan and rural Sindh. In fact establishment is imposing him to people of Balochistan so that he can fill the political vacuum created after boycott of elections by Baloch Political parties. He is determined, competent and not corrupt and better than Nawaz Sharif and Zardari, but by playing in the hands of establishment He can attain power for himself but oppressed people of entire Pakistan will get nothing. If free and fair elections are held in Balochistan he can't get more than a couple of seats in Pashtun areas of Balochistan. PTI has no future in Balochistan, provided that bona fide elections are held unlike the last general election of 2008 which was not election but selection, specifically in Balochistan. I would like to wish PTI and all his supporters best of luck while saying that PTI's Tsunami failed to make an impact in Balochistan.

By Adnan Aamir

States Times (

(We regard your opinions and encourage you to contribute with your articles/ blogs. You can post your articles/ Stories/ Columns/ PRs to [email protected] The views expressed by authors or media organisations, do not necessarily reflect our views. We aim to present a wide spectrum of opinion and analysis.)

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