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Tangled Knot of Kashmir by Asif Haroon raja

I have already authored four books, namely, ‘Maarka Hilli’, ‘Kashmir Battles and Freedom Struggle’, ‘Muhammad bin Qasim to Gen Musharraf’, and ‘Roots of 1971 Tragedy’. With the grace of Almighty Allah I have now come out with another book on Kashmir titled ‘Tangled Knot of Kashmir: Indo-Pakistan Antagonism’ in two ...

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India’a Nervousness by Asif Haroon Raja

From the very outset, India has been scheming to harm Pakistan which she considers as a thorn in her flesh. Going by the book of Kautilya, India has been befriending the enemies of Pakistan and also trying to spoil Pakistan’s relations with its friends. To start with, India whispered into ...

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Paradigm shift in regional scenario by Asif Haroon Raja

Pakistan and Afghanistan have traditionally had a complicated relationship characterized by mutual suspicion. Northern Alliance heavy Afghan regime under Hamid Karzai had remained heavily tilted towards India and had not only given high preference to India in her internal and external matters but also had adopted a hostile policy towards ...

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India a regional wild bull by Asif Haroon Raja

India occupies a unique position in the South Asian region by dint of occupying nearly 72 percent of the land surface in South Asia, being a home of 77 percent of the region’s population, and accounting for nearly 75 percent of the regional economic output. It has the third largest ...

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