Indian Non Kinetic Warfare against Pakistan in Balochistan


Indian Non Kinetic Warfare against Pakistan in Balochista

By Raja Javed Ali Bhatti


As growing frustration on IHK (Indian Held Kashmir) situation brings more pressure on BJP led Indian Government, Mr Modi has chosen offensive Psychological Operations against Pakistan. It is being manifested through all tools of Non Kinetic Warfare (NKW), mainly media and diplomacy. Since Indian NKW apparatus is quite effective within and outside India, Pakistan must expect this tirade to gain momentum in coming days. Since India is trying to internationalize the fabricated issues of Balochistan,

Defensive Psy Ops Indian tirade in Balochistan is violation of UN charter and an outright non sense. Indian admittance at highest political level (PM Modi’s office) of intervention in neighbouring Pakistan during East Pakistan (1970-71) crisis and now blatant attempt to internationalize Baluchistan.

Pakistan’s future lies in a happy and prosperous Balochistan and CPEC would be a game changer in the region. Highlight projects within Balochistan soil which will get boost as a result of CPEC. India is actually working against interests and the future of people of Balochistan.  Balochistan has made tremendous progress in last three decades and is opening up through infrastructural developments and major industrial projects. Gwadar Deep sea port, Kasa Marble, Chamalang Coal Mines, Sandak Gold Copper mines, Coastal Highway to Gwadar, Quetta-Gawadar Road etc have placed Gwadar on a path of strategic development. Pakistan Army has made tremendous contributions forBaluchistan in shape of FWO and NLC. Pakistan is paying due attention to Human resource development in Balochistan with active participation of the Army, Navy and Air Force. These include CMH Quetta MedicalCollege, host of new Cadet Colleges like Sui, Ormara, Gwadar Techincal Institute, FC Public schools, Balochistan University of Information, Science and technology (BUITMS), BITE etc. Baluch officers are joining Pakistan Defence forces in large numbers. Recent celebration of Independence Day across all areas within Baluchistan (despite RAWs effort to sabotage it throughQuetta attack) is a clear manifestation of the fact that Baloch people are with Pakistan. Within Baloch population only few angry brothers, which are as less as 2500 are part of the so called BLA and BRA, That is not even .02% of entire population of Baluchistan. As highlighted by Brahamdagh Bugti, there are indicators that Bollywood would make a Blockbuster on Nawab Akbar Bugti, this could have major consequences for war of perception within Pakistan. Time has come to ruthlessly curb Indian Media ingress within Pakistan, we can start ban Bollywood in Pakistan, ban Indian Advertisements and Ban Cultural Exchanges within Indian and Pakistani academia.

The writer is Sec. Gen. of Baidari e Fiker Forum an Islamabad based think tank

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