IHC orders Pemra Chairman to guard TV channels for pornographic content

  • Also systematic a govt  to put a names of those concerned in posting irreverent calm on amicable media on ECL

IHC orders Pemra authority to form cabinet to guard 'obscene' calm on TV channels

ISLAMABAD, Mar 17: The Islamabad High Court on Friday, while conference a box regarding to a purported participation of ‘blasphemous content’ on amicable media, systematic a arrangement of a cabinet to guard a calm being aired on radio channels as well.
Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui educated Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Chairman Absar Alam and DG Technical to be enclosed in a cabinet that would manage a calm on morning shows, speak shows and other programmes being aired on radio channels.
The decider upheld a sequence while conference a box filed by Salman Shahid (son-in-law of Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid fame).
In his petition, Shahid had argued that a participation of irreverent calm on amicable media websites was “hurting a eremite sentiments of Muslims”.
During Friday’s hearing, a justice systematic a applicable authorities to make all imitation and electronic media wakeful of Article 19 of a Constitution which, while extenuation leisure of speech, restricts calm opposite a excellence of Islam and integrity, confidence or counterclaim of Pakistan or opposite accessible family with unfamiliar states.
The justice told a Pemra authority that if Article 19 is enclosed in a laws of a rule body, a licences of 6 or 7 radio channels will be cancelled.
It destined that a cabinet should examination advertisements and general calm being aired on the television.
“We have worked tough over a past one year to anathema Indian channels,” Alam told a judge.
“Obscene calm ? regardless of either it comes from Saudi Arabia, Turkey or India… we don’t need it,” a decider told a chairman. “Why do we follow America and India?” he asked.
The justice was of a opinion that there was a well-thought bulletin in use to hurt a girl of this country.
“Which non-governmental organisations are attempting to inspire passionate inclination in Pakistan,” a justice questioned.
During a conference of a box progressing this week, a FIA had told a justice that a supervision has approached Facebook for entrance to a annals of 3 argumentative pages indicted of swelling irreverent calm that were blocked by a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.
The FIA executive also told a justice that an focus will be launched underneath general law if a Facebook administration unsuccessful to approve with a Pakistani government’s request.
The IHC has also systematic a supervision to put a names of those concerned in posting irreverent calm on amicable media on a Exit Control List (ECL).-Agencies


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