Antarctica home to millions some-more penguins than thought: study

Melbourne: Almost 6 million Adelie penguins are waddling along a icy Antarctic continent, 3.6 million some-more than formerly estimated, according to a new study.

The investigate has implications for both tellurian and sea conservation, with some-more birds potentially interacting with tellurian activities on a continent and in a Southern Ocean than formerly thought.

A group of Australian, French and Japanese scientists used aerial and belligerent surveys, tagging and re-sighting data, and programmed camera images over several tact seasons.

They focused on a 5,000 kilometre widen of seashore in East Antarctica, estimating 5.9 million birds and extrapolating that out to expected tellurian guess of 14-16 million birds.

According to Australian Antarctic Division seabird ecologist, Dr Louise Emmerson, adult until now race estimates usually took into comment tact pairs and did not embody non-breeding birds.

“Non-breeding birds are harder to count since they are out foraging during sea, rather than nesting in colonies on land,” Emmerson said.

“However, a investigate in East Antarctica, has shown that non-breeding Adelie penguins might be as, or more, abounding than a breeders,” pronounced Emmerson.

“These birds are an critical fountainhead of destiny breeders and estimating their numbers ensures we improved know a whole population’s foraging needs,” Emmerson said.

Lead author of a study, Dr Colin Southwell, pronounced a rocky, ice-free areas elite by a penguins for nesting is also a segment elite for investigate stations due to palliate of resupply.

“There are now 9 henceforth assigned investigate stations in a ice-free areas of East Antarctica and we found over one million birds, or 29 per cent of a population, multiply within 10 km of a station, and 44 per cent within 20 km of a station,” Southwell said.

“Of a 16 Antarctic Specially Protected Areas in a investigate region, 8 enclose tact Adelie penguins, encompassing about 10 per cent of a tact age population.

“By identifying poignant penguin tact populations nearby stations we can improved brand that areas might need extended insurance into a future,” Southwell said.

The investigate also estimates a volume of chase (krill and fish) indispensable to support a Adelie penguin population.

“An estimated 193,500 tonnes of krill and 18,800 tonnes of fish are eaten during a tact deteriorate by Adelie penguins tact in East Antarctica,” Emmerson added.


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