Autism: Separating misconceptions from reality

New Delhi: Vaibhav (name changed) sits on a sofa, walks to a doorway and flops behind to a couch. The cavalcade continues as he mumbles to himself.

The mannerisms of Vaibhav (35), who is autistic, are mostly identified as those of a mentally challenged chairman and a recognition about a commotion stays singular to (mis)representations in films, experts say.

As we observe a ninth World Autism Awareness Day tommorrow, a “awareness about autism is nowhere tighten to what it needs to be”. It was usually final year that autism was strictly recognized as a incapacity in India.

“There is alleviation in recognition though that is usually since progressing we were during 0 and now we have done some improvement. But even currently we see people disagreement and desiring in misconceptions compared to autism,” says Indrani from Action for Autism (AFA), an open doorway propagandize for autistic children.

Autism can maybe be best compared with Dustin Hoffman’s description of an autistic particular called Raymond in a famous 1988 film ‘Rain Man’, though Dr Praveen Gupta of Neurology Fortis advises opposite treacherous cinematic representations of a commotion with genuine life cases.

More than often, a training incapacity is deliberate as a quintessential autistic identifier, interjection to renouned Bollywood films.

“Several films have displayed training incapacity and that is where a renouned open notice stems from.

“In fact, autism is a illness of amicable formation and how a mind interacts with a environment. It impacts a child’s speech, comprehension and other faculties,” says Dr Gupta.

In medical terms, autism is a formidable life prolonged developmental incapacity that typically appears during a initial 3 years of life, and early symptoms embody repeating a same activity for a prolonged duration of time and detriment of early acquired denunciation among others.

But, what aggravates a condition, Dr Gupta says, is a time mislaid in diagnosis.

“Lay people do not commend signs so clearly. Also, for sometime, relatives are in rejection and trust that a problem with their child will urge with time.

“So, a lot of time is mislaid in seeking suitable attention. Also, people professionally competent to provide autism are smaller in numbers,”


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