Emma Thompson says wants people to ‘shout loudly’ about meridian change

STOCKHOLM From “Sense and Sensibility” to “Love Actually” and “Nanny McPhee”, British singer Emma Thompson is famous for her noted roles in costumes dramas, comedies and anticipation films. But like associate Oscar leader Leonardo DiCaprio, a 57-year-old is also an zealous environmental campaigner, seeking to lift recognition on issues such as fracking and meridian change. […]

Harrison Ford called himself a ‘schmuck’ after craft incident

LOS ANGELES Harrison Ford is listened job himself a “schmuck” in an audio recording expelled on Friday of his sell with an atmosphere trade controller following a Feb occurrence in that a actor landed his private craft on a taxiway instead of a runway. “Yeah, hi, a Husky Eight-Niner Hotel Uniform,” Ford is listened observant […]

Kanye West settles with Hungarian thespian over purported strain theft

Kanye West has staid a lawsuit by a Hungarian stone thespian who indicted a hip-hop star of sampling one of his best-known works but accede for a 2013 strain “New Slaves.” The settle resolves claims that 85 seconds, or one-third, of “New Slaves,” that seemed on a No. 1 manuscript “Yeezus,” was a duplicate of […]

Rebooted Power Rangers lapse to large screen

LOS ANGELES The latest reboot of a 1990s “Power Rangers” children’s radio array hold a universe premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Directed by Dean Israelite, a film tells a backstories of a 5 teenage characters – a misfit, a loner, a propagandize bully, an egghead and a drop-out – and their mutation into movement […]

Bob Dylan says ‘not yearning’ for aged days in latest cover album

NEW YORK Bob Dylan’s new manuscript “Triplicate” explores American standards from a 1930s, 40s, and 50s, though a maestro singer-songwriter says that does not meant he is emotional for a past. Dylan also is unmotivated either his fans like a manuscript – a third in as many years that facilities cover versions of classical songs […]

Charlize Theron joins racing ‘Fast and Furious’ array with ‘badass jet’

BEIJING Fast automobile chases, adventurous stunts and explosions lapse to a large shade in a eighth installment of a “Fast and Furious” racing film authorization and Oscar leader Charlize Theron joins a expel with her possess “badass jet”. “The Fate of a Furious” sees lead impression Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, go rogue. Theron, […]

Kremlin says Kiev blemish Eurovision with anathema on Russian entry

MOSCOW The Kremlin indicted Ukraine on Thursday of deleterious a status of a Eurovision strain contest, that Kiev is hosting this year, with a preference to bar a Russian member from entering a country. Ukraine’s state confidence use pronounced on Wednesday Yulia Samoylova, a 27-year-old Russian singer, had disregarded Ukrainian law by visiting Crimea, that […]

U.S., Canada lift tellurian box bureau as general sales flat

LOS ANGELES Worldwide film sheet sales increasing by 1 percent to a record $38.6 billion in 2016 as theaters in a United States and Canada stage adult aloft sales and abroad earnings were flat, according to attention statistics expelled on Wednesday. Movie theaters have been competing with an blast of digital party options such Netflix […]

Disney stole ‘Zootopia,’ author claims in U.S. lawsuit

Walt Disney Co was sued on Tuesday by a longtime Hollywood screenwriter and writer who indicted a studio of duplicating a blockbuster, Oscar-winning charcterised film “Zootopia” from his work though permission. Gary Goldman, whose credits embody a Arnold Schwarzenegger film “Total Recall” and Tom Cruise film “Minority Report,” filed his copyright transgression lawsuit in a […]