Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD

Towards a Rational World of Peace and Humanity: America, Europe and Russia by Mahboob A Khawaja, PhD

Leaders in Global Lens The 21st century global politics is fraught with conflicts, deaths and destruction of human lives, indifference to the vital problem of global warming and climate change and leadership failure to resolve the issues via peaceful dialogue. Those claiming to be the leaders of the elected masses, discard people’s voices of reason […]


Rejoinder to Dr. Subhash Kapila by Asif Haroon Raja

Dr. Subhash Kapila has written an article in Eurasia Review the theme of which is, “Afghanistan cannot be abandoned to China-Pakistan-Russia Troika”. A highly melancholic and distressful picture has been painted by the writer in a bid to remind Donald Trump Administration that Afghanistan is slipping out of the hands of the US and unless […]


Racial profiling of Pashtuns by Asif Haroon Raja

Ali Wazir has posted a video clip on social media showing Punjab Police manhandling some persons. He has craftily given a twist to the story by projecting the Pashtuns living in Punjab as the victims. I am sure, he must have been handsomely rewarded by RAW or NDS for this villainous act which has raised […]


Pakistan’s bloopers by Asif Haroon Raja

Inconsequential Western Pacts In search for security in the face of India’s belligerence and dangerous designs together with Afghanistan’s hostility, Pakistan blundered to join SEATO and CENTO in 1954 and earned the hostility of Afghanistan, former Soviet Union and China. India took these western pacts as an excuse to make a U turn on Kashmir […]



Gen Musharraf after coming to power through a military coup on October 12, 1999 decided to boost up and modernize electronic media by allowing foreign ownership in the name of freedom of expression and to show soft image of Pakistan to the west. His concept of enlightened moderation also had similar ambition of promoting liberalism. […]


The MQM in Doldrums by Asif Haroon Raja

MQM’s fascism The MQM under Altaf Hussain reigned supreme in urban Sindh from 1988 till March 2013. It expanded its political power by introducing the cultures of dead bodies filled in sacks, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, torture cells, target killings, no-go areas and strikes to paralyze the city. Despite its policy of fascism, terrorism, blackmailing […]


Is the Arab World at the Brink of Disintegration? And Coming of the President -Elect Donald Trump by Mahboob A Khawaja, PhD

Arab Leaders Facing Consequences of Their Own Follies Should the global community pity or ridicule the Arab leaders for engineering their own pitfalls of self-destruction?  Life and wisdom are narrated by compassion and positive moving stories of human peace and harmony. The cruel rivalries forging sectarian bloodbath at Aleppo, Damascus, Baghdad, Mosul, and Yemen make […]

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Canadian Prisoner Pleads for Human Rights Protection – The Case of M. Momin Khawaja by Sami Ullah Malik

Islamphobia sets the same extremist trend as did Nazi Germany against Jews Mohmmad Momin Khawaja is an innocent young prisoner caught in spate of fictitious articles by the hire media agents and paid informants to undermine his legal rights for a fair parole hearing in the Canadian justice system. He is not charged with any […]

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Canadian Prisoner Seeks Justice: Wrongfully Convicted Momin Khawaja Persecuted under Terrorism

Canadian never had any 9/11 or any major terrorism threat. It conveniently sided with the US like many West Europeans to enhance their geopolitical relationships and support the American worldwide anti-terrorism campaign. Strangely enough, it changed Canada’s global image of a peacemaking nation always eager to contribute peacekeeping forces for the UN. Under George W. […]

Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD

Global Terrorism Destroying the Humanity: How to Change the Future? by Mahboob A Khawaja

“Nobody can predict which way the ‘Arab Awakening’ will turn this year… Over the decades of unchallenging aggressive adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and now in Syria, West and North Africa and soon in Saudi Arab, America has earned the distinction of being a leader in intrinsic and endless corrupted wars to dismantle, humiliate, […]