Pentagon: US Serviceman Killed in Blast Near Mosul

BAGHDAD —  A U.S. use member in Iraq was killed Saturday by an explosve device outward Mosul, according to a matter expelled by a Pentagon. The Pentagon pronounced a use member died from wounds postulated in an “explosive device blast,” saying serve information would be expelled as appropriate. Saturday’s occurrence outlines a second American infantry […]

China Deports US Citizen Convicted of Espionage

An American lady convicted of espionage in China and hold but a hearing for dual years is behind in a U.S. after being deported, according to her husband. Jeff Gillis pronounced in a matter that his wife, Sandy Phan-Gillis, left China Friday and arrived in Los Angeles a same day — stealing a source of […]

Trump Marks 100th Day as President with Events in Pennsylvania

U.S. President Donald Trump will spend partial of his 100th day in bureau Saturday in a politically accessible state of Pennsylvania, as anti-Trump protesters actively try to lessen a mystic milestone. The boss will pointer an executive sequence during a trowel bureau in executive Pennsylvania, directing his administration to examination a nation’s trade agreements. The […]

IT Workers, Companies Cautious on H1B Visa Program Review

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS —  His hearth in a tiny encampment outward Mumbai, India, in a home with no using H2O or electricity, is a distant cry from a technology-filled cubicles Pete Tapaskar has come to know good as an information record (IT) worker. Tapaskar’s tour from India to a United States by Canada came pleasantness of […]

Thousands of Environmentalists Mar in Washington

Thousands of environmental activists marched in a U.S. collateral Saturday to try to pull support for climate-related causes. The People’s Climate Mar was meant to coincide with President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, according to a organizers, who have cursed what they see as a administration’s miss of regard for environmental issues. “The Trump […]

Spanish heritage in San Antonio

Missions Help Tell Dramatic History of Lone Star State

San Antonio, Texas, is home to a biggest thoroughness of Catholic missions in North America, including The Alamo, a state’s initial goal dating to 1718. The many visited ancestral landmark in Texas was also a installation and a site of a conflict that played a pivotal purpose in a state’s thespian history. San Antonio Missions […]

Climate Change Science Removed from EPA Website

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is updating a website to simulate a views of a Trump administration. The group has private several pages from a Obama administration explaining a scholarship behind meridian change. The EPA pronounced in a matter a website is “undergoing changes that simulate a agency’s new instruction underneath President Donald Trump and […]

Trump Foreign Policy Draws Fire, Praise during 100 Day Mark

With President Donald Trump’s presidency reaching a mystic 100-day milestone, conflict lines are neatly drawn on a efficacy of his still building unfamiliar policy. VOA White House match Peter Heinlein reports that, amid extreme critique of a president’s early performance, a outlines of a “Trump Doctrine” are commencement to emerge.

Why Gun Sales Are Down Under Trump

On Friday, Donald Trump became a initial US boss to residence a National Rifle Association given Ronald Reagan in 1983. During his campaign, Trump pronounced his opposition would “decimate a Second Amendment,” that guarantees Americans a right to bear arms. But Trump’s choosing has been a bit of a churned bag for gun dealers and […]